New H!P Members From Taiwan

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Frances (8) & Aiko (6)


フランシス (Frances)
Date of Birth: 2000/12/27
Sign: Sagittarius
Favorite food: Sushi, oranges
Senior admire: Koharu Kusumi, Jun Jun, Linlin, Mai Hagiwara
Favorite color: Pink
Special Skills: singing, dancing, MONOMANE, Comedy


愛子 (Aiko)
Date of Birth: 2002/12/21
Sign: Sagittarius
Favorite food: apples, pickled guava, curry and rice
Senior admire: Koharu Kusumi, Jun Jun, Linlin, Matsuura Aya
Favorite color: pink, purple
Special Skills: Sports, MONOMANE

New members from the H!P Taiwan audition that gave us Ice Creamusume.

(info credit Ayabie@jphip, Source: ggliff @ Musume-Central)

Overload of cuteness huh? These two are officialy H!P members now, although they appeared as backup dancers in the Elder Club Graduation concert for Koharu, so they have H!P experience. I’m not sure why Tsunku got them, probably to form some Shugo Chara Egg!-type group and sell more. Anyway, click the names to go to their official H!P pages and if you don’t read Japanese I guess the information that is here is the basic translation of what’s in the artist page.

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