Yajima Maimi – “17′s” DVD Cover

adode13 April 10, 2009 1


No, it’s not Hello! Project’s yearbook, it’s Yajima Maimi’s new DVD Cover. Yajima Maimi, as we all know, is one of the most popular members in H!P, so it was almost bound to happen that she would get another PB and DVD, I can’t really say I follow her that much (Suzuki Airi and Umeda Erika fan), but I am interested to see it.

The cover is extremely simple, I guess the guy who did it had four photos, Photoshop, and 15 min to finish it before the meeting… Yajima is cute, but like some of the fans out there I really think that she has gotten a lot of limelight compared to the other girls, I would like to see Suzuki or someone else get a turn to shine.

The photos on the cover are cute, but not really interesting, when I first saw it I thought it was a UFO movie because of the college yearbook letters and because she seems to be pointing to one on the bottom left picture. The PB and the DVD come bundled together, which is somewhat of a relief because of the lack of effort in the DVD cover, but it’s also good because the fans won’t have to pay more to see her on DVD.

The preview will probably pop up any day now on Dohhh-Up so I’ll be sure to post about it when it is released, but for now if you want to reserve your copy check out the links in the upcoming releases to reserve your copy of the PB and the DVD (they both come together).

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