Takahashi Ai Alo-Hello 2 Announced UPDATE

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So looks like Takahashi is following in Niigaki’s footsteps and getting an Alo-Hello 2 DVD on June 03. She is one of those members who has a lot of releases (apart from Ishikawa Rika, who had a lot of PB’s), but it’s great they are giving her a DVD too. I hope it’s like Niigaki’s Alo-Hello 2, which had a lot of fun stuff in the previews and had a good amount of promotion (haven’t seen it though, I’ll see it later to give a review).

The PB will also be great, she always was one of the best looking and cute Musume’s so I bet she won’t dissapoint. The DVD description says that she will be learning english doing other stuff as a Hawaiian female student, and ther are plenty of bikini shots as well, which is common in all Alo-Hello releases.

Let’s hope Takahashi gets good promotion, she really deserves it now that she is the leader of both Morning Musume and Hello! Project. Good Luck Takahashi!

NeoWing (DVD and PB confirmation)

E-hon (DVD confirmation)

UPDATE: Watashi, the title of her new PB, it’s not that impressive but nowadays what PB title isn’t (for example Yajima’s PB, 17). Also another thing I hadn’t noticed, this is her 10th PB, a first in Hello! Project history, so congratulations Takahashi, you just broke an H!P record. The PB is out May 25, so be sure to reserve your copy, here is the link to the official H!P page with all of her PB’s, if you don’t believe me about the 10 PB’s, check it out for yourself, it’s a great accomplishment and I hope to see more, congratulations again Takahashi!


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