Buono – MY BOY PV Released

adode13 April 16, 2009 Comments Off

Like expected the PV came out within days of the preview, and like expected it came out while I was in school, so I had to wait until I came home, and it was worth the wait. The PV this time has a story, not like co*no*mi*chi where the story was walking in front of a green screen with various costumes. The story has them in a mission impossible setting where they have to risk getting caught to get a box with a strawberry cake in it (yeah…really).

Momoko is the funny character in this PV, jumping out of a random chest (Momoko-in-the-box anyone?), the duster gun, and her reaction when she got scared because of the suit of armor  (and slightly because of her Pikachu thunderbolt earrings). I don’t understand where she gets the knife at the end of the PV, I almost thought she was going to kill Miyabi and Airi and keep the cake, but thankfully she just dangerously swipes it near Airi and cuts it roughly.

Suzuki is somewhat calm throughout the PV which suprised me, she even has a “the things I do because I’m an idol” look  (around 2:19) when she is crossing the lasers. Miyabi jumps a lot, and I’m not sure where she got a can of knockout gas, but I am sure that you are not supposed to enter a room where you just threw knockout gas so soon (plus Miyabi rolled it and it went the wrong way, but they made it look like it went with the guy). And why does Momoko have two earrings while Airi and Miyabi have only one? We all know that Momoko is the captain, but they could have at least given Airi and Miyabi something to wear on the other ear, they look strangely lopsided.

The full song is great, there is a decent amount of heavy synthesizers, guitars, and drums, and the lyrics are evenly distributed. I am actually looking forward to the release, mainly because it is my first single that I buy that is not Morning Musume (yes, I’ll do a review, complete with unwrapping pictures and everything).

I really hope they start releasing more PV’s like this one, I really wondered what they were looking for (and what that guy was doing watching them, he reminded me of Kagaku-kun from Utaban). Great work H!P, keep up the good work! Here is the PV enjoy:

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