Mano Erina – Hajimete no Keiken Covers Released

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(Limited Edition A, B, C)

Not that high quality of a picture, but at least we know what the single looks like. It looks like they just took 5 min and various poses on the set of the PV to get the covers, with different backgrounds as well, which is a slight disappointment, I would have liked to see some creativity and some variety.

I still have not seen the regular edition cover, but it will hopefully be released sometime soon, and I also hope that it will be somewhat different from these three. Also there are three events added, so if you wanted to go to an event, here are another three dates for you to consider going to:

“Events added:
5月30日(土) 横浜BLITZ
5月31日(日) 御堂会館(大阪)
6月27日(土) ペニーレーン24(札幌)”

Source: Nayok-Kihara@H!O

The link below confirms the three covers, if you haven’t reserved it then go ahead, it will be a great release, the first lively song she has released since becoming solo, it’s a real step up from singing enka-like songs.


EDIT: The covers for all of the versions were released:





(Top Left – Regular Edition, Top Right – Limited A, Bottom Left – Limited B, Bottom Right – Limited C)

Not much difference right? I honestly had trouble putting this in order, I had to keep on going back to the thread on JPHIP because I couldn’t tell the difference between them.

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