Suzuki Airi – Ao Iro Limited Edition Cover Revealed

adode13 June 8, 2009 Comments Off


The cover for the Wanibooks Limited Edition of Suzuki Airi’s newest PB “Ao Iro” has been released, the regular one hasn’t been released. Really good cover, the regular cover as expected will probably have a bikini of some sort (the limited edition cover for Takahashi’s PB didn’t have bikini either, but the regular edition sure did have one).

For now we at least can see a picture of what we can expect to see throughout the PB. The title of the book couldn’t have been more simpler, a blue rectangle with “Ao Iro” and her name, although it looks good and like Takahashi’s PB it keeps the image clean and simple. The release date is 6/26, plenty of time for Suzuki fans to reserve their copy.


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