Suzuki Airi – Ao Iro Normal Edition Cover Released

adode13 June 12, 2009 Comments Off

Suzuki Airi Ao Iro Normal Edition Cover

Normal Edition Cover

The normal edition cover for Suzuki Airi’s 4th PB “Ao Iro” has been released. Well it was quite a surprise to not see her in a bikini, or a more revealing outfit, instead she is wearing a type of swimsuit leotard.

The cover looks simple like the Limited Edition cover, although the “Ao Iro” on the Limited Edition looks like a stamp and here it’s just different colored Kanji see for yourself:

Suzuki Airi Limited Edition Cover

Limited Edition Cover

The release date is on 6/25, and the limited edition cover will only be available through Wanibooks.

Wanibooks Normal Edition Product Page

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