Suzuki Airi PB – Ao Iro Preview

adode13 June 22, 2009 Comments Off

Suzuki Airi Ao Shoku 253453

Previews for Suzuki Airi’s 4th PB titled “Ao Iro” have been released. I guess the theme for the PB is “colorful” because from the previews I see that she is using a blue and a ranbow colored swimsuit.

Suzuki Airi Ao Shoku 3899843

Suzuki Airi Ao Shoku 124325

It’s great to see that they have pictures of her having fun and not just posing seriously, and hopefully they can have more of both. The PB is scheduled for release on 6/25 and the DVD “Pure Blue” will be released on 7/1.

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