Guardians 4 – “Party Time” PV Released

adode13 November 6, 2009 3

Guardians 4 3152

The PV for Guardians 4 3rd single titled Party Time has been released. The PV has been out for a few days and although it hasn’t been officially released on Dohhh UP it looks like it was released before on M-ON (similar to Buono’s “Take It Easy” PV)

For the most part the PV was great, it features enough shots of the girls and it also has a somewhat loose storyline. Since the song is used as the opening for Shugo Chara it features many shots of the anime mixed in with the normal PV, and because of that it somewhat lost it’s impact.

They will most likely not reach as much popularity as Buono (who don’t have any anime in their recent PV’s and they also have their own tours), but the anime shots somewhat distract the attention for a bit. Apart from that there are no other things I dislike from the PV, and even though they used the common two shots a lot (Close-Up and Dance) there was plenty of other shots (mostly mixed with images of the fairies floating near them).

The storyline is simply the girls getting ready for the party, then having the party and eating cake at a table, and after that they decide to go play in the backyard with bubbles. Not that complicated but it fits the mood of the song, and it also is a good excuse to use bubbles in the background during the close-up’s and during the dance shot’s.

Like usual all of the girls got equal lines and equal opportunities to appear on camera, and for the most part the scenes where the girls are preparing for the party are great ways to add to the story. The part where the girls are taking turns putting each other inside the bubble looked like a great way to add to the bubble mayhem going in the background (and it somewhat reminded me of the “Mecha Mecha Iketeru” special where they tricked Momusu into thinking they were going to sing “Shabondama” in a bubble)

Overall I liked this PV a lot, it features equal shots and lines for the girls and it has a loose storyline which fits the song. The anime shots somewhat lowered my interest on the PV, but the overall PV came out fantastic. Hopefully we get more PVs like this one if they decide to have another single for the group.

I will update with a link to a Youtube version once it is released on Dohhh UP since right now there aren’t any full versions of the PV on Youtube because of the anime used in the PV (TV Tokyo blocks the video from being shown because of that).

Guardians 4 – PARTY TIME Full PV

The release date for the single is set for 11/18.


  1. Yuki November 7, 2009 at 10:30 am -

    So I wasn,t the only one think about Mecha Mecha Iketeru ! ^^ ! But the Pv is cute and I like it !

  2. galah November 7, 2009 at 12:45 am -

    Thanks for you

    on youtube

    • adode136 November 7, 2009 at 1:09 am -

      Thanks for the link, but it says it isn’t available in my country…I had the same problem with the PV I uploaded to my Youtube account, it said that TV Tokyo had blocked it worldwide since it featured part of an anime (Shugo Chara) that they owned so I had to remove it…. :/

      I’ll have to wait until Dohhh UP releases it since TV Tokyo doesn’t want to let us the fans see it >_>

      Thanks anyway ^_^