Yaguchi Mari to Straw Hat – “Kaze o Sagashite” Official Site Opened

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01.Kaze wo Sagashite
02.Kaze wo Sagashite (Karaoke)
01. Kaze wo Sagashite【MUSIC CLIP】
02.Kaze wo Sagashite【Choreagraphy】
※4 versions
03. Kaze wo Sagashite 【ONE PIECE ノンテロップオープニング VERSION】

A promotional site for Yaguchi Mari to Straw Hat’s single titled Kaze o Sagashite has been opened on the Avex site. The single will come with a DVD and the First Press will include one of 10 cards (according to the site with one member from the group on the front and a “One Piece” character on the back, the 10th card being a group shot of both the anime characters and the group).

It’s great to see that they are going to try their best to promote the single well since it will most likely sell well enough when combined with the anime promotion. For now the site lists all the information about the single such as: release information, tracklist, group pictures and the names of the members.

The DVD that is included with the CD lists 6 PV versions (I tried my best at translating them but I can only get a general idea of what each of them say):

  • Regular PV
  • Choreography Version (most likely a Dance Ver)
  • “Version that is sung and danced by everyone”
  • Yaguchi only version
  • Akane and Rika (the two other girls in the unit) dance and sing version
  • Ojisan dance and sing version (most likely the version with all of the guys in it)
  • ONE PIECE “non-Teroppu” Opening Version (this is probably the version with the anime)

So after looking at the tracklist for the DVD it is safe to say that you will get your money’s worth when you buy the single.

The PV’s will be interesting to see because of the number of members that are included, and since it is the opening for a “pirate” themed anime we will most likely see some sort of pirate themed PV (almost guaranteed to be on a boat, beach or island), so hopefully that turns out well.

The release date has been set for 1/13.

Official Site For Yaguchi Mari to Straw Hat’s “Kaze wo Sagashite”

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