Suzuki Airi’s 5th PB Confirmed, Titled “Toukoubi”

adode13 July 12, 2010 Comments Off

Suzuki Airi’s 5th PB titled Toukoubi (Eng: “School Day” or “School Attendance Day”) has been confirmed by the Wanibooks site. The PB will include a Making Of DVD.

According to the description (badly translated by Google Translate) we will get a chance to see Airi at the harbor, sea, railway station, school and festival (among others) in colorful costumes that show off her freshness and youth.

Her 5th PB announcement isn’t that much of a surprise since her solo DVD somewhat confirmed it a few weeks ago but I am surprised to see the title since it does suggest we are going to get a chance to see a new side of Airi which is always very interesting to see.

Until we see a cover we can’t really start speculating on what to expect but for now I am glad that we get an official Wanibooks confirmation along with a somewhat vague (but interesting) description of what to expect.

Hopefully all Airi fans can get a chance to buy the PB since it will be a great way to show your support.

The release date is set for 8/20.

Official Wanibooks Site For Suzuki Airi’s 5th PB Toukou Bi

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