Suzuki Airi – “Toukoubi” Wanibooks PB Cover Released

adode13 August 4, 2010 Comments Off

The Wanibooks cover for Suzuki Airi’s 5th PB titled Toukoubi has been released on the Wanibooks site.

Wanibooks cover’s are usually reserved for fans who buy the PB from their site and since they don’t feature overseas shipping it seems to be a somewhat exclusive cover (although you can ask a friend from Japan to buy it), but it is still a great way for us to find out what the regular cover will look like.

From the picture above it seems that Airi has a more mature look on her face while staring at the camera, and along with the cute colorful dress she is wearing and the beautiful scenery behind her it is definitely an incredible cover.

The titles for PB covers have been somewhat small lately so it comes as no surprise that the title is in plain white Kanji on one side of the cover, and despite it being somewhat hard to find I do like how the simple look adds to the calm but beautiful picture of both Airi and the scenery.

Overall the calm feeling of the cover, a beautiful picture of Airi and a shady tree background, plus a simple white title all come together to make an impressing cover which shows us a side of Airi we rarely see (calm and mature).

I am very impressed with the cover and I am excited to find out what the normal cover will look like, so hopefully we get a chance to find out soon along with a few previews.

The release date is set for 8/20.

Wanibooks Site For Suzuki Airi’s 5th PB

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