Suzuki Airi – “Natsuyasumi” DVD Digest Released

adode13 August 19, 2010 1

A DVD digest of Suzuki Airi’s 3rd solo DVD titled Natsuyasumi has been released.

The preview features three outfits: seifuku, yellow bikini, and a dress (the one on the DVD cover), in many different settings such as a school, the beach, and an old train station.

Even though there is no talking or special introductions by Airi I have to admit that the preview looks incredible since it gives us a chance to see many great shots of Airi posing and looking at the camera, as well as some outfits that will appear on the DVD and the PB.

I love how Airi acts throughout the preview since she looks at the camera and smiles many times (sometimes laughing), and since she seems to naturally interact with the camera it makes her reactions seem a bit more natural and cute.

Overall the preview is very interesting since it gives us a chance to see part of the DVD and some great scenes featuring Airi, and even though it was somewhat short I have to admit that I love how it looks overall since the outfits and the scenes are all very impressing.

Hopefully many Airi fans get a chance to buy the PB and DVD.

The release date is set for 8/25.

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