Suzuki Airi – “Keitai Kanojo” DVD Announced

Ayuchii January 20, 2011 9

As mentionned in a previous article, this release is a straight-to-DVD release horror drama series titled Keitai Kanojo.

The DVD has just been announced, and it’s really great to see that a cover and some screenshots have also been provided to give an idea about the DVD, although fans who already watched the first part or read the novel might know what to expect.

On the cover, Airi and her co-star (who plays a ghost appearently) are standing back to back while holding the mysterious mobile ohone the story is all about, and the exciting part is that the other girl has a flaming hand that turn the screen of the phone red which brings out her caracter even more. As for Airi, her almost scared expression combine perfectly for this cover.

Here are some screenshots (you can clearly see on the last picture Airi’s fear expression):

Hopefully every fan can reserve a copy and I’m hoping for some kind of preview to see Airi’s acting in this.

The release date is set for 4/6.

Amazon page about DVD

  • Aaron

    is this Airi’s first acting? she’s my favourite member of all Hello! Project, so I wouldn’t wanna miss any dvd’s she’s done acting in before, also I’m praying this will be English subbed

  • AiriBigFan

    In the 2nd pic, she looks like Gomaki XD

    I will buy this of course XD Although I affraid of Ghost =]]

  • mizakiwa

    Airi! Im sure she’ll be amazing in this! I cant wait to watch it! I’ll have to be patient though :’(

  • xXAiriFanXx

    again,I am sooo proud of her,in the last pic,she keeps her fear expression,is so cool!XD
    and I think her looks fit perfectly to the character she plays!:)

  • someone

    OMG. where can i watch this???????????????

    • Ayuchii

      Until the DVD is released I think it’s really hard to find it since its a straight-to-DVD release … ^^’

      • someone

        gaahh.. i’ve been spazzing for like 24 hours already :)))
        can’t waaiitt -_-

  • Truk

    Airi’s the best! Can’t wait to see this.♥

  • Mayarrrr

    Nice. Although I wish H!P wouldn’t do so much horror. :(