Kikkawa Yuu Will Be In A Stage Play Titled “recipient”

adode13 November 19, 2011 Comments Off

Kikkawa Yuu will be part of the cast for the stage play titled recipient.

Stage plays are a natural part of being an idol so it’s not surprising to see Kikka has just been announced as part of the cast for one since it was expected that she would be in one soon to help promote her image as well as her future releases.

As far as the plot goes I don’t have a solid idea about what it’s about since the translation is somewhat hard to understand, but it seems like an interesting play due to the logo used.

Apart from the dates we also got a confirmation that there will be a DVD for the play, which will be recorded on the last day of the play’s run, so fans who enjoyed the play will be able to enjoy the DVD release a few months later.

Hopefully more info is released soon since it seems like a perfect play for Kikka fans in the area, and while I have no idea what the play is about I look forward to finding out when a clear preview or flyer is released.

The play will run from 2/29 ~ 3/11.

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