S/mileage – “Chotomate Kudasai!” Tracklist Released

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  1. Chotomate Kudasai!
  2. Namida GIRL
  3. Chotomate Kudasai! (Instrumental)

Limited A, B, and C

  1. Chotomate Kudasai!
  2. Chance Tourai!
  3. Chotomate Kudasai! (Instrumental)

Limited D

  1. Chotomate Kudasai!
  2. S/mileage Singles Gekiatsu Remix
  3. Chotomate Kudasai! (Instrumental)

The tracklist for S/mileage’s 9th single titled Chotomate Kudasai! has been released.

Like their other past recent releases it seems like they will follow the same formula for their 9th single: one original c/w, a cover, and a remix. It’s great to see that they do this since it gives fans more of a reason to buy multiple copies of the single to get all of the coupling songs, and while I would like to see more original songs it seems like this is a nice way to give everyone what they like.

The regular version will have a cover of Fujimoto Miki’s Namida GIRL, so those who enjoyed the song and would love to hear it covered by S/mileage can get a copy. The Limited D version will have a remix, and while it sounds similar to the remix from their Please Miniskirt Postwoman! single the title is a bit different (Gekiyaba for their past single, Gekiatsu for this single) so it will be fun to see how it compares.

The original song will apparently be Chance Tourai! which means something along the lines of Chance Arrival!. It’s not clear if it might also be a cover, but from what we can tell it appears to be an original song, so I’m looking forward to finding out how it sounds since the a-side has a very upbeat sound.

Hopefully everyone has their version of the single reserved since so far it seems like a must have!

The release date is set for 2/1.

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