Yajima Maimi – “Hatachi” Cover Released & Image DVD Titled “Chelsie”

ladylibra92 November 20, 2012 Comments Off

The cover for Yajima Maimi’s PB titled, Hatachi has been released. The image DVD has been announced, titled Chelsie.

The cover features Maimi in a black bikini with the ocean used as the background setting and while it’s beautiful and all I was hoping for something different with it because it’s her coming of age PB. I was thinking of something like a birthday party gown or traditional kimono would be more fitting than a bikini shot. Regardless though it shows off a mature and sexy Maimi which fits with her age.

Besides the bikini and beach theme I hope the PB and image DVD will feature other things too like the Coming of Age ceremony. No matter what’s included I’m sure it will definitely have a lot of beautiful and stunning photos of Maimi and there will be lot of different shots for fans to check out.

Hopefully anyone interested will reserve a copy and support Maimi. Maimi will be holding 3 release events for her PB which will be on 11/28-11/30.

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